What Is a Major Factor of Good SEO?

SEO is a very broad term and there are various techniques and practices that a company can use to ensure an increase in traffic to their website, but some of these techniques should not be ignored, as they are key in ensuring that your content gets seen.

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A major factor for your website to succeed and for your content to be seen is the key ingredient of relevance. For example, when you as an individual type your question or product or service you are looking for, Google displays the websites that are most relevant to what was typed in.

So that potential customers or clients can find you on the first, or at least the second page, it is important to use keywords that relate to what you are offering and what people are most likely going to search for when looking for the service or product that you offer.

If you offer real estate services to a certain destination, for example, Miami, you would want to add a keyword to the effect of “Miami real estate agent” or “buying a home in Miami.” Hand in hand with using relevant keywords is making sure that they effortlessly fit into the content.

Some companies try to fill up their content with several keywords without paying attention to how they fit into the article or blog post in general. No one wants to read what appears to be the answer to their query, only to find that nothing makes sense. This is why it is important that your SEO practices cover using great keywords AND great content. Customers want to read clear and concise.

Another important component to good SEO is including links to other websites, as well as having your website linked on other company’s websites. More importantly, you want to get your links on pages that receive a lot of traffic or that are in some way or another, an authority on the topic that you have in common.

For example, if you are a travel website offering tours in San Francisco, you may want to find a highly transited travel blog or website that will include your link. Be careful about who you link to and do your background work to ensure that your website won’t be related to a potentially negative experience. It is usually best to attempt linking with verified and trustworthy companies that are well-known in the industry.

Some other ways to ensure that your website is completely optimized for great placement in search engine results is to not only have great written content on your site, but also to include relevant images or videos. Also, keep in mind that you should have meta descriptions, tags, and highly organized content. The look of your website is as important as your content so don’t ignore one factor for the other.