Help the Children (HTC) made one of the top charities in America. The company focuses on keeping their operating costs extreYoung woman and little girlmely trim so that the majority of donations that are provided to them actually are provided to the children and goes directly into their programs. To remain a non-profit organization, the company relies on donations, volunteers and other financial support from their supporters. The charity has been recognized by several different companies and given high remarks.

Not only does HTC reach out to the less fortunate on a regular basis but they highly encourage others to reach out as well. The company focuses on a way to alleviate the pain and suffering of not only children but also their family. “Additionally, they do not only focus on Zimbabwethe United States but they are looking to make a difference for these families around the entire world” said. They provide the families with all their necessities such as food and clothing. They also offer the families medical supplies and some of the personal items that they need to survive. HTC also does not discriminate against any of the families based on their religious beliefs or their ethnicity. They are just trying to meet the needs of the children with principles based off of Christ.

Currently the company is able to keep their overhead costs around 1%. This means that for every dollar that has been donated, 99 cents has been used for direct use of their program. For this reason, HTC has been recognized as one of the most effective charities currently operating in America. As a result over 1,500,000 children and families have been provided with food, clothing and other items that help make their lives a little bit easier.

HTC has created a program that distributes food to people in Southern California on an ongoing consistent basis. They have supplier that donate the food and volunteers that consistently pack the boxes for local places in the area. Their hope is to lead by example and get others to start trying to make a difference. Oftentimes we as individuals see that there is a problem, we are sad for the problem but we immediately think there isn’t anything that we can do to make a difference. Help the Children hopes to show that there is a way that you can make a difference. Each small thing counts and can eventually lead to a larger effort.